Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

by George on December 10, 2013

The music entertainment may be one of the most important decisions you make regarding your wedding reception. If you choose to hire a wedding DJ, there are some vital aspects to choosing just the right one. Your wedding guests will remember the music of your reception for years and you need to ensure it’s a positive memory.

Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Reception

The first thing you want to know is who the DJ will be for your reception. Get the person’s name in writing as part of the contract so you know who to expect. It’s also a good idea to meet your DJ beforehand.

Find out how much experience the DJ has with wedding receptions. Anyone can say they’re a DJ but do you really want to chance getting a beginner that has no clue about what to do? Make sure your DJ can organize a great wedding reception.

You’ll need to decide if you want a DJ that can get people up dancing or one that just plays background music. The answer to that question will let you know what sort of DJ you need. So ask the right questions.

Make sure that your DJ is dressed appropriately. For instance, if it’s formal, the DJ needs a tuxedo or dress. Semi-formal translates to dress shirt, pants and a tie, or blouse and slacks for a woman. If you’re going casual, company shirt or polo shirt is fine. You’ll need to find out the fee for your DJ. Ask about overtime charges and whether or not a tip is part of the fee. Find out everything you’re paying for from the lighting to travel.

Does your DJ have a contract? If so, be sure all of your details are in writing. The DJ has to know where to be and when. Contact information for both sides is vital.

Are you hiring a professional DJ from a company that includes insurance? Accidents happen all the time and it’s better to be ready for them. Find out if your DJ belongs to a national DJ association such as NAME or ADJA. If so, there’s a better he’s a professional.

Finally, what equipment does the DJ use and what sort of music does he play? This can be very important to the success of your wedding reception. It’s also another reason to meet with your DJ ahead of time.

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