If you are currently planning your wedding and are searching for the perfect destination, there are a lot of great options to explore before you decide on one place in particular.

Choosing a great videographer for your wedding

blindWhat does BlindSight Media do?

Blindsight Media is a video production company based in Nashville, Tennessee, that exists to bring artists’ visions to life. It is the top video production company in Nashville and is available for everything from wedding videography to professional productions like music videos and corporate videos. For more information please visit Blindsight Media Productions


Corporate videos?


Keeping consumer attention long enough to get your company’s message across is a challenge in itself, and Blindsight Media has mastered this art. A professionally produced video can stand on its own or be combined with other forms of advertisement – like social media postings – to become something truly epic.

Blindsight collaborates with you from start to finish and looks after everything from color correction to sound capture and editing. They use the best technology they have available to provide you with an amazing, high-quality video that you’ll be proud to feature as part of your marketing campaign.

Their corporate portfolio includes companies like AT&T and St. Jude’s Research Hospital, and they can and do produce films for purposes other than advertisement. You can call upon Blindsight to put together that desperately-needed instructional film, a series of clips to explain your products and services, and more.


Wedding videography?

 Believe it or not, on top of everything else that Blindsight does, they also produce wedding videos. Video is a unique way to capture your wedding: it’s dynamic, and when created with a professional team, has the feel of something you’d watch in the movie theatre.

Their professional videographers are great at selecting the right shots to get the perfect wedding movie and really get the mood of that special day across to anybody that you share it with. They’re able to professionally edit your video to seamlessly put those moments together and show off the magic of the evening in a way that only a professional videographer knows how.  Click here to find the perfect wedding videographers in Nashville TN

Why get an old-fashioned wedding photographer when you can preserve the memory of your special day in a video? It’s a great way to remember all those little details.


General video editing services


You might not know this, but there isn’t a single video that was ever done properly with one take. There are multiple takes, with different angles, mistakes, and footage that never makes it to the finished product. Editing takes all of that footage, snips out what’s not necessary, then puts it all together in a clean, polished format to get the final video that you’re familiar with.


Blindsight is willing and able to edit video for a wide range of clients, such as music artists, internet personalities, independent filmmakers, and nonprofits. They can enhance videos, add special effects, or even edit video footage from single timeline to multiple (or the other way around). Blindsight is also able to add music and graphics.


They excel at adding those finishing touches that turn your video from rough around the edges to the polished product that you want the public to see, and they’re quite good at making it feel like yours. Whether your budget is large or small, Blindsight has the equipment and experience to handle it.


If you’re trying to get your YouTube channel going, or you have a short that’s going to air on local television, this is the team that can polish it and make it shine.


Special effects?

As mentioned before, Blindsight does special effects work – and not just the stuff that’s added in video editing software. Their line-up of tools includes special effect make-up, which can take your zombie flick from a B-movie disaster to the realistic gorefest it was meant to be. Scarred characters? Fantasy creatures? All possible with Blindsight’s help. They have the creativity and the toolkit to make your vision into a reality.


Special effects can be added to any project: give your wedding video a unique twist, add an interesting dream sequence to your music video, or add a little something extra to that corporate training reel to make sure that your employees are awake for the entire thing.


Music videos? You bet.


This is a company that’s in the heart of country music’s homeland. Music videos are bread and butter out there, and Blindsight has become adept at producing them. From pre-production to editing to revealing the final product, they’ve done it all for music videos, too.


Storyboarding and cost analysis are included in music video services, which are important steps to make sure that everything you want your video to say and do is included and that you stay on-budget.


 Blindsight Media does it all


If it can be recorded on video, this company can make it happen. Being in the heart of Nashville doesn’t hurt, either: a gorgeous city rich in history and a variety of landscapes for whatever sort of backdrop your videos need, helmed by a team of creative minds the likes of which you can’t find anywhere else in the state. They’ve been at it since 1994 – the peak of music videos, when there were still TV stations that were dedicated entirely to them without any other programming – and it shows in their dedication and knowledge of the field.


Why choose video?


Not only is videography incredibly dynamic, it gets information out there and to your audience without them having to really think about it – they just have to watch. With the right set of tools (script, actors, effects, editing), any video can become an overnight sensation, and all videos leave some kind of impact on the people that watch them. A really good advertisement is something that people will link to their friends instead of skipping when it shows up on their YouTube videos. A really good music video gets shared millions of times over.


Videos don’t quite have the nasty reputation that other forms of advertising do. There’s a reason that ad blocking plugins exist, after all, and it’s because of the way online advertisements interfere with the browsing experience. When you direct people to your video, you’re sending them there and giving them the choice of watching – that already increases the chances of your message getting out there.


Videography is also a great tool for preserving memories. Pictures can’t record voices, audio recordings alone can’t give you the full picture. An expertly recorded and edited video, on the other hand, provides the best of all worlds and will last a lifetime.Blindsight wedding videographers Nashville are the leaders in this space you can find out more about the great team behind this site here and what they do. Why not check out some of their great reviews here and of course if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the tea  who is more than happy to help. If social media is your thing they would also love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter.