Differences Between A Professional Wedding Designer and Other Wedding Vendors Differences Between A Professional Wedding Designer and Other Wedding Vendors

Many wedding vendors will offer to also coordinate your wedding for you at no cost. While this sounds great, usually these people don’t have the training or association memberships that the professional wedding designers and consultants have. Just know that not all of these wedding vendors that offer free wedding planning are qualified to do so.

Some of these include:

Concierge Service: Many concierge services also coordinate weddings. But consider that they’re planning your wedding while also running errands for busy executives. Wouldn’t you rather have someone that’s totally committed to planning your wedding and not working it in among other things?

Free Wedding Coordination Services: Obviously, these companies have to make money somehow. The way they do it is by being given an incentive payment from vendors you’re referred to. This payment is typically a percentage from the package you buy. The vendors raise their prices to cover the money for the “free service” so you might be paying a lot more in commissions than if you didn’t use this “free service.” It’s important to note that reputable vendors don’t take part in these services.

Ceremony Venue Coordinator: These professionals are often hired by wedding venues to ensure that their rules are adhered to. They work with everyone to make sure that your wedding is exactly what you want while not breaking any guidelines set by the venue.

Onsite Reception Coordinator: This is usually just someone that works in the catering or sales office at the chosen site. They’re not typically trained as wedding coordinators. Their job is to keep everything running smoothly.

Florist: This is the person who’s going to provide your amazing wedding flowers. They’re not going to be overly helpful in recommending vendors because they’ll just have a generic list of them that haven’t had any references checked.

Wedding Caterer: Caterers can be a lot of help to you on your wedding day. They’re the ones that come up with the menus and food that will be talked about long after the big day has passed. They are not, however, wedding coordinators, so don’t expect that type of help from them.

A Professional Wedding Designer assists you on all levels: Allow the vendors you’ve chosen to do their jobs and make sure you’ve hired enough of them so that they’re not trying to take on too much work with your wedding. Instead, hire a reputable designer to help you organize the wedding of your dreams.

When you set the date for your wedding is when to start looking for your professional wedding designer. Make wise choices and investments in your wedding and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your day because you’ll have a professional calling the shots for you. In this way, your memories of that day will be perfect.


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