If you are currently planning your wedding and are searching for the perfect destination, there are a lot of great options to explore before you decide on one place in particular.

Nowadays people are getting married in all sorts of different places – outside of a church, so it is important to keep an open mind and think outside of the box when it comes to choosing a place for exchanging your vows.

The most Popular Ideas and Destinations for your Wedding

Say “I Do” on the Green of a Golf Course

If you want your wedding to be held somewhere beautiful and scenic without spending a lot of money traveling to an exotic location, you might want to consider a golf course. While a golf course may not seem like your idea of a romance, a lot of these locations are very beautiful with white sand, water, and lush green hills. A golf course wedding can also be rather inexpensive if you are on a budget. Take the time to look into some of the golf courses in your area to find out what each one has to offer.

Make it a Beach Wedding

Getting married on a sandy beach may not be a completely original idea, but it is worth considering. If you don’t live near an ocean, consider a lakeside beach with some soft sand to sink your toes into, while you solidify your lifelong commitment to each other.

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding of any kind, whether it is at a golf course or a beach, it is important to plan it for the right time of year to avoid inclement weather.

Planning a Luxury Resort Wedding

A luxury resort could be the perfect place for you to get married. Many of these resorts offer comprehensive wedding packages that you can take advantage of, so you will certainly want to take the time to look into what each one has to offer. One of the best things about getting married at a luxury resort is that you will already be on your honeymoon after you get married. There are luxury resorts all over the world. Whether it is Hawaii or the Caribbean islands, an exotic destination with sparkling blue water and a five star hotel could make the happiest day of your life even more enjoyable and memorable.

Getting Married in a Castle

One very popular wedding destination for many couples who have the financial means is a castle in an exotic and beautiful place, such as Scotland or Ireland. There is nothing quite like the idea of getting married in such a grand and majestic place as a castle that is hundreds of years old. Many of the castles you can get married in are located in beautiful places with green hills as far as the eye can see. Whatever you do though, make sure to spend a decent amount of time examining all of your options before deciding where to get married.

If you are still undecided about a destination for your wedding, get in touch with us. As a professional wedding videographers we will be able to recommend something for you.


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